Friday, 27 November 2015

Jordan Collier - A Message To The People

New !  Actor Billy Campbell reprises his role as Jordan Collier to share a message with the fans.

Stars and fans have joined forces to revive the show and a petition is in place to make it happen. If you're a fan or just want to lend your support, please SIGN THE PETITION.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

"Path to Revival" Video

The Emmy nominated show ended in 2007 on a season 4 cliffhanger, as it was caught in the cross-hairs of the Writers Guild Strike. In a climate where beloved shows of the past are returning (The X-Files, Twin Peaks) the fans want a proper ending to 'The 4400' and are petitioning Netflix to revive it as a semi-original series. Find and sign the petition here:

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Is the cult classic series The 4400 returning ?

To all the wonderful fans of The 4400, here is a serious information update ! Some people never gives up and here is a brand new try to bring back our favourite show : Let's hope !

This is a 2015 petition that has been signed by the lead actors Jacqueline McKenzie (Diana Skouris) and Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin). Supporting cast and crew members have also signed ! And believe it or not, so did legendary actor William Shatner !

Many people are supporting the cause and we want you to know that there is hope for a revival ! Please take the time to sign and share this petition. And please feel free to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone's Twitter information can be found on the petition page.

Thank you for your support ! Let's #BringBackThe4400