Wednesday, 13 August 2008

How to...

Dear friends and fans, I would like to share with you some information about the next step of our "Save The 4400 : The Markeds" operation.

Today, I just sent the link to all registered people to download the DVD. Here is how to burn it.

So, you have downloaded the ISO file, that means just a one and only single file that contains everything of the original DVD structure, just like an ZIP archive. You won't need to extract anything.

Here is how to do with NERO BURNING ROM (the most used) :
  1. Insert a blank DVD in your DVD-RW drive.
  2. Start Nero Burning.
  3. Follow the wizard steps to select Data CD or DVD creation.
  4. When the wizard closes, click Burn Image on the Recorder menu.
  5. In the Open dialog box, select the ISO file, and then click Open.
  6. In the wizard, click Burn to write the image to the DVD.
Most burning programs can easily burn ISO files. Check the help function (usually by pressing F1) of your software and search for the word ISO. You can use a DVD-RW and try it before burning it for real... If you have any question... Contact me !