Thursday, 14 August 2008

First Press Kit Shipped !

That's done ! The very first "Save The 4400 : The Markeds" DVD Press Kit has been shipped to our "favourite" marked : Dave Kolpak, from Associated Press.

He was one of the very first journalists to give us attention and allowed our movement to have a big presence in various medias. He was very friendly and did a very good job. So, that's up to you again Dave ;-)

By the way, let me give you the steps to join our operation :
  • First you have to register (see this news). It's absolutely free and your email adress won't be spread or used for something else !
  • You will get the link (by email) where to download the DVD iso file.
  • Now burn it (tutorial) and print its cover (all files you need are in the DVD or here).
  • When ALL these steps are done, contact me to get your Marked adress where you will ship the DVD !
  • Tell me (by email) WHEN you sent it and, if possible, give me a tracking number : so I will be able to blog the good news !

Thank you to all people who have already registered ! I am sure Jordan will be proud of you !