Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Shipping Registrations & Date

Good news : 4400 fans are registering every day to download the DVD ! Some of you asked how things will be organised for the shipping :

After you have downloaded, burnt and printed the cover of the DVD (this is what we call "building the kit"), you will have to register again (by the way, if you send me a picture of the kit you built, I will publish it !)

From 1st
to 8th September 2008, I will open "new registrations" to ship the kits to the "markeds" (The markeds are influent and powerful people in USA in a list that has been built by the "Save the 4400 Dream Team" and many fans). This way, all new registered fans will receive a "marked" address by email to send the kit to...

The Worldwide Shipping Date : 09.09.08 (9th September 2008) !

By the way, if you have already downloaded the DVD and burnt it, please have a look to the DVD ROM content : you will find a lot of information about our movement since its beginning. You could use it to write a short letter to your "marked".

PS : I will be in holidays from 20th to 30th August, downloads are still available until next registrations for shipping...