Monday, 7 July 2008

Good News

Dear friends and 4400 fans, from all over the world many of you are complaining (and they are right) about the cancellation of our favourite show : The 4400.

Many things were done but USA Network simply ignored us. A few months ago, some fans united their abilities to create a press kit that should be sent (on DVD) to people that have been marked by fans because of their influence and power in medias in USA.

After 4 weeks of silence (due to personal concerns), I am very proud to announce that this DVD will be released this month and will include the press kit, the fans video clip, past trailers and many more...

Just consider it as a gift to our community and a last chance to save The 4400 show. You can track the progress here. Thank you for your interest and support !

May promicin and passion help all of us ;-)