Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Let's go fans !

Here is a fan made "Save the 4400 : The Markeds" DVD kit ! It has been made by NTACVic from France. She wrote a small text to introduce herself and explain how much she loves the show :

"Hi! I'm NTACvic. I live in France. I'm studying business. I'm a huge fan of The 4400. I also like to write fan fictions, about this show and NCIS. Like many other fans, I was very upset when I heard USA Network cancelled the show. So, I started to write a season 5 fanfic. I'm trying to answer questions and to develop new story lines. Of course, the ideas developed here just represent my point of view. A lot of theories are still possible... If you, fans, are interested in my fics, I will be very proud and happy. So, enjoy them !"

Thank you NTACVic. You will get your marked adress soon !