Thursday, 20 November 2008

Mexico joined the movement

Here is Nadia, a 4400 fan from Mexico ! Once again, a proof that our show is really universal and is able to touch everyone... everywhere ! She sent the DVD press kit to Jay Leno ! Let's introduce Nadia :

"My name is Nadia S├ínchez, I´m from Mexico City and I m a graphic designer. I think that´s very important to have TV shows that bring something positive to our lives instead of meaningless violence or superficial boredom. I used to wait in excitement all week to see the 4400 (and curiously my father too) and was very disappointed when I heard that they canceled it.

The 4400 is a show that bring hope and enlightment to peoples lives, it has united people from all over the world so I sincerely hope that there`s a TV network who's willing to pick up the challenge and give it a proper ending. All the fans want it, deserve it, and if we keep at it I´m pretty sure will get !"

Thank you for your help Nadia ! We all share your hope and feelings...

By the way, please be patient, I will answer all requests, but please, let me time enough... Any volunteer to send a kit ? Contact me ;-)