Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bonnie Hammer : Angel or Devil...

One year after Scott Peters announced the cancellation of The 4400, I still wondering why our favorite show was canceled... I have been looking on the web and did not find any real explanation from USA Network. The answer is obvious : there is NO reason !

I found some few things about USA Network president : Bonnie Hammer ! Here are a few quotes from other victims who get their show canceled :

From a Farscape fan : "(...) You cancelled “Farscape” and are airing “Tremors: The Series.” I’m not a religious man but at times like this, I hope there is a Hell. "

From Capperwiki : "Ms. Hammer joined the Sci Fi Channel and in 1998 replaced Barry Schulman (a big Mystery Science Theater 3000-booster, who renewed the show for its 10th -- and final -- season before leaving). She is the one whom Cappers blame the most for the cancellation of MST3K (...)."

From Deep Ape blog : "Despite dragging the network (he is talking about Sci Fi) down into a disgusting, rippling orgy of pro wrestling, paranormal reality shows, and atrocious b-movies starring actors who once appeared on Stargate, she has helped the network rise to a “No. 6 channel” — apparently, at the cost of actual, good science fiction."

From Wikipedia (has been removed on 23rd January 2008) : "Hammer is a published author and an accomplished photographer. Many fans of the sci-fi network wish she would quit that job and concentrate on her accomplished photography."

From a Stargate Atlantis fan : "Hey ! with NBC's sense, and Bonnie Hammer's great judgment, maybe they will put SmackDown fake wrestling on OXYGEN woman's channel! They just bought OXYGEN for a billion dollars. And then fired a quarter of the people out of their jobs on that channel."

Well, you can find many more testimonies like these ones, just asking to Google... It really seems that Bonnie Hammer is well known to remove shows and boost ratings with "easy" and "short" crappy stuff for mass people ! Dear fans and friends, we can just hope... and keep hoping for better days...